Within my travel section I talked about the benefits of group travel. I truly believe that group travel is the best way to plan and go for a great rate but if you’re not into travelling with a host of people; going at it alone will also work. Just like most things it’s best to plan ahead. Package deals are the best bang for your buck. Combining your hotel, air, and car is typically cheaper than getting them separately and it’s definitely less time-consuming. If you’re travelling for events or conferences you can usually check their website for dates at least a year in advance.

Tips for planning travel:

  • Speak with a travel agent and remember to ask about payment plans and package deals.
  • Create a travel fund. Put a few dollars away for the last-minute deals that may come up.
  • Wait until your departure day to consider flying business class. Most airlines offer upgrades at lower fares during check-in.
  • Travel during the off-season. Summer is peak travel time since school is out.
  • Pay for your activities before you arrive. Most sightseeing venues allow you to buy tickets in advance. The more you purchase in advance the less you have to concern yourself with once you’re there.

As always consider Vivid Vacations when booking your travel.

With only nine days left of holiday shopping your pockets are probably low and your gift ideas are consisting of tube socks and fruit cakes; Parking is atrocious and if one more person spray you with perfume you might catch a case. Well don’t fret just shop at home, on your couch, with your t.v. remote. Yup I’m talking about HSN, the home shopping network. It’s not the HSN that you’re use too. It’s not all shabby jewelry and reindeer sweaters. HSN is a great resource for the Solopreneur who doesn’t get to put in for holiday time. We’re still working and marketing during this season and shopping is last on the list. Cyber shopping and home network channels are sometimes our best bet. I like going to HSN or QVC first. Why? They offer flexible payments without an extra fee and you’ll receive your product after making your payment. A lot of their products are sold in retail stores so you know what you’re getting before you get them. They guarantee shipping during the holiday time and extend their return policy. It’s really a win-win situation. They have gifts that are somewhat out of the ordinary with a range of designers.

It’s holiday time and depending on your business this is not the best time of year for a business owner. So what can you do when everyone is shopping for everything except what you offer:

  • Financially Prepare: The holiday season happens the same time every year. If you need to save a little extra to help with the drought then do so. This may also include drumming up more business in the fall months to combat the winter months.
  • Go Shopping: Not gift shopping but client shopping. This is a great time to research potential clients. The holiday season doesn’t last forever. Review your current potential client list and reevaluate whether or not you can add more clients or larger clients.
  • Find a way to fit in: Is there anyway you can offer your service as a gift? If you’re a graphic designer maybe you can offer to design unique holiday cards, customized items or gift certificates. Gift giving is becoming more personal, figure how your services can make the perfect holiday gift.
  • Appreciate: Don’t forget your current clients. Make sure you acknowledge their support. Send them holiday cards as a token of your appreciation. It shows good customer service and they’ll remember that when they need your service again and we know clients make the best references.
  • Update: As business owners we sometimes overlook our own business. Take this “so-called” down time to prepare for your upcoming taxes, review your business goals and set new ones, or take a class to enhance your services.
  • Have Fun: It’s the holidays so enjoy yourself. Plenty of networking parties are happening during the holiday. Grab some business cards and your party shoes and go to an event. Who said you can’t combine work and pleasure!

I hope these help. As always BE VIVID!!!

Local deals are fantastic. As a business owner you’ll learn to appreciate and participate the support of your community. I have two great sites to share 1.) Groupon and 2.)Living Social. Both sites work the same way. You plug in your local region and everyday a daily deal is offered. Deals range from dining and entertaining to services and retail. It is a great way to test out a great local restaurant or spa and of course it saves you money. Most deals are offered anywhere from 35% to 50% off the regular price. Since they’re local businesses the opportunity to network is available.

Also, check your local city paper for new businesses. Getting the opportunity to shop and network during grand openings can be very beneficial.

Welcome to my site. I will share with you some tips and suggestions on how to live a “Solopreneur” life. Tips will range from shopping and business matters to cooking and entertaining guest. I hope you participate by lending your suggestions and commenting.

The first thing we’re going to tackle is the definition of a “solopreneur.” A solopreneur is a Solo-Entrepreneur – one person organization or business. This doesn’t mean a solopreneur necessarily works alone. We have resources and sometimes we outsource to help us get things done. It does mean that the only person on our payroll is us.

Why choose a solopreneur’s life? It’s not for everyone that’s for sure. You miss the camaraderie of having coworkers or employees. Being able to bounce ideas off of someone as an immediate resource is also missing. What you get is freedom. Freedom to make decisions, changes, and even mistakes at your leisure. Nothing compares to knowing that you are the sole contributor to your business successes.